Are YOU All About That Bass?

Most of you have probably heard Meghan Trainor’s new song “All About That Bass” playing on the radio or blasting at Homecoming. The song mainly revolves around body positivity and loving yourself, which is something we haven’t seen in the most recent media. However, most are hung up on the one line “Go ahead and … Continue reading Are YOU All About That Bass?


Famous actress Emma Watson has been all the rage lately for a recent speech she made at the United Nations (UN) headquarters.Watson was appointed as a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, a position held by many other famous people who use their fame to help important social and humanitarian issues. Through Watson’s powerful speech, she … Continue reading #heforshe

A Masterpiece Half Represented?

In the past several years, many artists have contributed to The Colonel’s Poet Laureate segment and Inner Visions. However, upon looking at the artists, most of them are girls. “The drawings and paintings they put in The Colonel and Inner Visions are well done,” senior Miranda Torres said. “However, getting some guys to do it … Continue reading A Masterpiece Half Represented?

Is No Shave November Too Extreme?

Pro No-Shave November is all about embracing your naturally crazy and wild hair that, unfortunately, cancer patients don’t have. For the whole month of November, people all over the nation are not shaving their hair. All the money they save on grooming equipment is donated to the American Cancer Society. By donating to this cause, … Continue reading Is No Shave November Too Extreme?

“A Rewarding Experience”

On Oct. 24, the Genocide class students had the opportunity to listen to presentations from  Holocaust survivor Henny Simon and veteran combat medic and liberator Ben Cooper. Genocide teachers Nina Bumpus, Bill Casertano, and Jen O’Brien organized the event, which lasted three hours during Blocks Two and Three. The first to speak was Henny Simon. … Continue reading “A Rewarding Experience”

Aaron DeLorge

  Senior Aaron DeLorge is being featured in this Senior Spotlight video. Check out his awesome personality and accomplishments at the high school.   Andrea Gamboa, Multimedia Editor Junior Andrea Gamboa is the Multimedia Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She sings in Ledyard Carolers, Chamber Choir, and Acabellas, and was a lead role in Ledyard … Continue reading Aaron DeLorge

Peppin’ it Up

From the top row in the overcrowded and overheated bleachers, one can barely make out a pack of freshmen sporting yellow on yellow, meanwhile the cheerleading squad feverishly practices their backflips. But who puts in all the trouble and time to organize these festivities on the day of the Homecoming pep rally? “Really, it’s just … Continue reading Peppin’ it Up

The Battle Between Ebola and the Media – Pro/Con

Pro: Ebola: we are all afraid of catching this deadly disease. The media has been swarmed with news regarding the current Ebola outbreak. Some wonder if all of this media attention is necessary, and believe me, it is. For a virus that has already spread into other countries, it is vital that any information be … Continue reading The Battle Between Ebola and the Media – Pro/Con