December Roving

This holiday season, we asked Colonels, "If you could be in any Christmas movie, what would it be and why?" Check out your classmate's responses! Andrea Gamboa, Multimedia Editor Junior Andrea Gamboa is the Multimedia Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She sings in Ledyard Carolers, Chamber Choir, and Acabellas, and was a lead role in … Continue reading December Roving

Carly Loy: Athlete of the Month

What’s your favorite part about soccer? My favorite part about soccer is the competitive aspect. There is competition everywhere in the game. There’s the obvious competition between the two teams, but there’s also competition throughout the game in subtle ways. In order to advance in the field, you have to get past players on the … Continue reading Carly Loy: Athlete of the Month

Former Ledyard Swimmer’s Dream Comes True

The Olympics: the ultimate dream for any athlete. For Ledyard swimming alumna Jessica Hespeler, who graduated in 2013, this dream is starting to come true. Hespeler, who competes for Virginia Tech, qualified for the Olympics trials in Omaha, Nebraska in 2016. There are a range of events that a swimmer can compete in, but Hespeler … Continue reading Former Ledyard Swimmer’s Dream Comes True

Coming Out and Facing the World

Junior Tricia Tolles has been an inspiration for many students at Ledyard High School. After recently coming out about her sexuality, she has set a prime example that she hopes others will follow. The message is clear- be yourself. Tolles has generously agreed to open up about her personal experiences to help support the overall … Continue reading Coming Out and Facing the World

More Than a Lifestyle

Ever since celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Elton John became the symbol of the gay rights movement and have come out as being gay, it has become more usual to see one celebrity or another coming out. When Degeneres came out on a Time magazine cover in Feb. 1997, she had no idea that she … Continue reading More Than a Lifestyle

States With Legalized Same Sex Marriage

The right of same sex marriage has brought up much news and controversy over the last couple years. So far, out of the 50 states, 35 are allowing same sex. However, that leaves fifteen states which still have bans. Some of the states are in the process of getting the bans repealed, but most  remaining … Continue reading States With Legalized Same Sex Marriage

Shooting at Florida State University Leaving Many Terrified

On Thursday, Nov. 20, a gunman burst into the Strozier Library at Florida State University. He was identified as an FSU 2005 graduate named Myron May. According to Tallahassee’s mayor Andrew Gillum, the Florida State and Tallahassee police department were on the scene within three to five minutes of the first notification of the gunman. … Continue reading Shooting at Florida State University Leaving Many Terrified

More Than a Song

Just hearing the song on the radio, you can tell “Take Me to Church” has a deeper meaning than many of the popular songs heard today. However, the music video has instantly hit another level, from the symbolism of the chained box to the gruesome treatment of the characters. The video is focused around the … Continue reading More Than a Song

Dec. 5

A's To the start of winter sports. At least someone is out there working off those Christmas cookies. To the NHS food drive. Y’all put the giving in thanksgiving. To The Crucible. Our school is officially the future Hollywood. F's  To freezing cold football games. We go out to support the team and half of … Continue reading Dec. 5

MockingjYea or Nay?

The film adaptation of the last novel in The Hunger Games trilogy is finally here. But here’s the catch: it’s split into two parts. Mockingjay, Part 1 opened at Number One in the box office, grossing $480 million worldwide in the first ten days of its release. Directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Jennifer Lawrence, … Continue reading MockingjYea or Nay?