Curious? I’ll Pass

Fifty Shades. We’ve all heard of it. Since the book was published, it has sold more than 100 million copies, been translated into 52 languages, and, according to, “has beaten JK Rowling and Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown to the UK record” for the fastest selling paperback. Now with the film adaptation in … Continue reading Curious? I’ll Pass

Opeyemi “Yemi” Omotosho

  Opeyemi, better known as Yemi, is this month's Senior Spotlight! Check out his biggest accomplishments, biggest inspirations and hear him beat box on this month's video.   Andrea Gamboa, Multimedia Editor Junior Andrea Gamboa is the Multimedia Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She sings in Ledyard Carolers, Chamber Choir, and Acabellas, and was a … Continue reading Opeyemi “Yemi” Omotosho

Are New Year’s Resolutions Overrated?

No: Every year in January, gyms and fitness centers all around the country receive a tremendous boost in business and membership as New Year’s resolutions are made, but by February if not mid January, all that bustle has died off. Just because they don’t always work out, that doesn’t mean New Year’s resolutions are pointless. … Continue reading Are New Year’s Resolutions Overrated?

There’s a Name for the “Wintertime Blues”

Mental illnesses are an everyday, year-round diagnosis that no one ever asks for. However, in some cases, people are able to be plagued by depression during certain times of the year. Winter is the most common season to bring forth Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)- depression related to changes in the seasons- as the months are … Continue reading There’s a Name for the “Wintertime Blues”

The Battle Has Begun

The film starts with Smaug’s attack on the Lake City, and it’s dead. The dwarves isolate into the mountain and ignore the help searching people from the lake, because the Arkenstone made Thorin sick. Elves and other dwarves arrive and they are “eye to eye” as enemies to each other. But the big battle is … Continue reading The Battle Has Begun

Teacher’s Opinions in the Classroom

Have you ever been in a class where topics such as economy, politics, or religion were being discussed? Chances are, through an English or history or Civics course, the answer is yes. However, to me, there seems to be something lacking in such discussion on current problems in the world: teacher’s opinions. I don’t advocate … Continue reading Teacher’s Opinions in the Classroom

Terrorist Attack Puts Paris in Shock

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly magazine that published several issues mocking the Islamic religion and poking fun at the prophet Muhammad. Controversy arose several times before due to some issues of the magazine that seemed to be anti-semitic. The office had been threatened before for their “jokes” and only now have the threats … Continue reading Terrorist Attack Puts Paris in Shock