Starting Later in the School Year

By now, thousands of students across America have been settling into a new school year. The once shiny and new Ticonderoga pencils have already been lost and trampled on, friends have claimed lunch tables, and teachers are getting back to updating PowerSchool. However, there are still school districts with students that haven’t gone back to … Continue reading Starting Later in the School Year

Alec DeAndrade

The Colonel:  What after school activities are you involved in? Alec: I am involved in about three after school activities. Civil Air Patrol, which is an Air Force Auxiliary, nonprofit, in short is a military version of boy scouts, but has missions, aerospace education, cadet programs, and emergency services. I am also currently in the … Continue reading Alec DeAndrade

Lengthening Lunchtime by Missing Morning Meeting

    Morning Meeting, homeroom, and advisory. A time to stockpile cans for the NHS food drive or run to a quick guidance meeting. A time to scribble out the answers to the homework you forgot was assigned or snapchat the friend down the hall that’s just as bored as you are. A time to … Continue reading Lengthening Lunchtime by Missing Morning Meeting

At the Heart of All Drama Members

Minutes before their auditions, returning drama students and first-timers alike read over their scripts and shake off the ever-present jitters. As Hayley Proctor, stage manager of this year’s upcoming production of "The Curious Savage," summons students onstage, the others await with a combination of contagious enthusiasm and dull nervousness. Seasoned veterans,  juniors Amanda King and … Continue reading At the Heart of All Drama Members