Saving Lives

There are nearly 50 different clubs at the high school and most of them host fundraisers in an attempt to raise money for their cause. Many of these clubs are for humanitarian organizations. These clubs carefully plan fundraisers for the different parts of the year, carefully noting when people will be most interested in buying … Continue reading Saving Lives

Election 101

Iowa: the land of corn and caucuses. This sleepy midwestern state geared up for the Iowa Caucus, historically held on Feb. 1 every four years. Iowa isn’t exactly a diverse melting pot of different cultures, religions or languages, making many people wonder, “Why Iowa?” Thirteen states, including Iowa, use the caucus system. A caucus is … Continue reading Election 101

Ledyard Girls Basketball Team Qualifies for States

On Jan. 25, the girls’ basketball team won their eighth game against Killingly High School, qualifying them for States. This qualification came after a string of wins, from Windham to East Lyme. “Seeing our hard work pay off is a great feeling,” senior captain Rebecca Ahlborn said. Winning eight games was no small feat for … Continue reading Ledyard Girls Basketball Team Qualifies for States

Chamber Choir and Select Singers Attend Providence College Festival

Chamber Choir and Select Singers missed school Jan. 29 to attend the Providence College High School Invitational Choral Festival. Each choir performed and received constructive criticism from a college professor for each song they performed. Each chorus sang on average three songs. There were two professors present and they took turns, said senior Sasha Lopez-Watson. … Continue reading Chamber Choir and Select Singers Attend Providence College Festival

NHS Soldier Drive

       National Honor Society has been working with a group called the Community Shoreline Women that collects products for soldiers. Senior Sasha Lopez-Watson is the leader of this project. She contacted a member of the group Lisa Lahti to ask for a list goods that NHS could collect. She decided to pick hygiene … Continue reading NHS Soldier Drive

Dog Grooming for the Ledyard Food Pantry

February is a month of cold weather, Valentine’s-Day-inspired love and scrambling to get course selections completed. This February, however, also means dog grooming, where Agricultural Science students get to show off their canine grooming skills for a good cause. Teachers bring in their dogs, students groom them and the money raised goes to the Ledyard … Continue reading Dog Grooming for the Ledyard Food Pantry