Heroin Impact on Local Towns

Recently, death has presented itself in the form of countless batches of heroin, specifically in the New London area. Police forces working specifically in Connecticut are working to catch the distributors of these harmful drugs. Currently, there is a heroin epidemic so real it has taken the lives of many strangers, family, and friends. Last … Continue reading Heroin Impact on Local Towns

Key Club Takes Part in Penguin Plunge

Sunday March 6,  was a bright and sunny day with a slight breeze.The outside temperature was about 43 degrees. For many it seemed too cold to go diving into the ocean, but 10 brave Key Club members and their advisor, Mrs. Montgomery, disagreed. They all took part in the Penguin Plunge at Ocean Beach in … Continue reading Key Club Takes Part in Penguin Plunge

Idaho Pastor Shot by Former Marine

On March 7, it was announced that Tim Remington, a pastor at Coeur d'Alene church in Idaho, had survived multiple gunshots would including one to the head. Remington was shot six times March 6, by 30-year-old Kyle Andrew Odom. The entire event was caught on video. Remington was able to survive the gunshot to the … Continue reading Idaho Pastor Shot by Former Marine

What Does Protesting Accomplish?

Policemen attacked, ambulances blocked by riots, torn signs and screaming individuals threatening to rape women. Needless to say it was an eventful weekend for Chicago and Donald Trump. The riots began Friday night, March 11, when Trump’s campaign staffer announced that the rally would be postponed due to safety concerns. The major demonstration attracted hundreds … Continue reading What Does Protesting Accomplish?

Peyton Manning Says Bye to Broncos

After an 18-year-long professional football career, Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, announced his plans for retirement from the National Football League (NFL)  just weeks after defeating the Carolina Panthers 24-10 at Super Bowl 50. Manning’s football career began in college at University of Tennessee for his college career, and ended with two Super … Continue reading Peyton Manning Says Bye to Broncos

The Wildcats Are Back!

After the graduation of East High’s Wildcats in 2008, Disney has recently confirmed the return High School Musical, of the most-watched TV movie of all time with over 17 million viewers. The new addition to the series, titled High School Musical 4: East Meets West, will introduce a new rivalry between East High’s Wildcats and … Continue reading The Wildcats Are Back!

Cyborgs: A New Reality?

CNN recently reported that the U.S. military is creating an implant that “would allow a human brain to communicate directly with computers.” The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is the Pentagon’s research arm, aims to help people with auditory and visual disabilities, such as those injured in combat. The project is planned to … Continue reading Cyborgs: A New Reality?

Should Apple’s Refusal to Comply be Allowed?

On Feb. 16, a federal judge ordered Apple to build custom software that would enable the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to break into an iPhone 5c used by San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. Apple has refused and the result is a “complicated legal skirmish” (livescience.com). The FBI has argued that the All Writs … Continue reading Should Apple’s Refusal to Comply be Allowed?