How the Budget Influences Students

  Students in Ledyard hear a lot about the school’s money. They hear jokes in the hallway about running out of toilet paper or they wonder why late buses no longer run. Some years the budget comes into the light a little more, like in 2014 when golf, boys’ swim and the print edition of … Continue reading How the Budget Influences Students

New Players Bring New Opportunities for Boys’ Tennis

Spring is known for April showers bringing May flowers, but it is also known for initiating the start of the tennis seasons. With goals in place and brand new members added to the roster, the boys’ tennis team is in it for the long run. “My goals for the season are to improve as a … Continue reading New Players Bring New Opportunities for Boys’ Tennis

Athletes of the Week: Seniors Anthony Viteritto and Jessica Hazler

Seniors Anthony Viteritto and Jessica Hazler are members of Ledyard's baseball and softball teams. Both individuals are key members that have been playing since freshman year. The Colonel sat down with Hazler and Viteritto to discuss their athletic journeys. The Colonel: How long have you been playing your sport? AV: I have been playing baseball … Continue reading Athletes of the Week: Seniors Anthony Viteritto and Jessica Hazler

“Yes” to Matching Graduation Gowns

Come June 17, parents may not be able to distinguish their sons from a sea of daughters in crisp white graduation gowns. The fairly new trend of all graduates wearing the same gown color comes after multiple laws recognizing transgender people. Some graduates may feel that they don’t fit into two strict categories -- male … Continue reading “Yes” to Matching Graduation Gowns

Trump Rally in Hartford

Thousands of people are in the crowd, each one craning their necks to see if they can get a glimpse of the famous politician. Camera flashes are going off like firecrackers as the attendees try to get a momento of the rally. Finally, at long last Donald Trump, in the flesh, walks out to his … Continue reading Trump Rally in Hartford