The 2015-2016 Report Card

A to the budget passing: The budget passed 689 to 347 in a townwide vote on May 17. The decisions weren’t easy, but it ensures nothing else will be cut. Thank you to the Board of Education for always keeping the students and their education in mind. A to a second Spirit Week: Nothing surprised … Continue reading The 2015-2016 Report Card

George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction

In 2012, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American high school student, was fatally shot. Today, his story is very well-known. His murderer George Zimmerman, now 32, was released on a $9,000 bond in 2013 (ABC News). Recently, Zimmerman auctioned off the pistol used to kill Martin shortly after the weapon was returned to him by … Continue reading George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction

Arts Students Display Their Work

Artwork always hangs in the 600s. There are always portraits and a couple of ceramic pots in the display case. But when Arts Night comes around, a couple pieces of work turn into hundreds. Slowly, over the course of a week or so, more and more art is hung: portraits and color wheels, collages and … Continue reading Arts Students Display Their Work

NHS Members Dedicate Time at Elementary Schools

Ledyard High School offers an array of clubs for individuals to get involved with in their school community. One group, the National Honor Society, allows members to volunteer at the elementary schools. From reading to the little ones to assisting with the annual field day, the students have an overwhelming amount of opportunities to dedicate … Continue reading NHS Members Dedicate Time at Elementary Schools

Ledyard to Host End of the Year Instrumental Concert

On May 27, the Wind Orchestra and Jazz Band will host an Instrumental Concert at 7:30 p.m.  in the Ledyard High School auditorium. The emotions of the instrumentalists are mixed as the preparation for the final concert gets closer. “It really isn't as heartbreaking as I thought it would be,” senior Catherine Rousseau said. “ … Continue reading Ledyard to Host End of the Year Instrumental Concert

The 2016 Mr. and Miss Ledyard Fair

Applications are now available in the main office for the Mr. and Miss Ledyard Fair Scholarship pageant. They can also  be printed from the Ledyard Fair website: The pageant will take place during the annual Ledyard Fair in September and is open to any student 14-18 years old. The top three winners will receive … Continue reading The 2016 Mr. and Miss Ledyard Fair

The Privilege of Choice

At Ledyard High School, all students are at some point required to create presentations, whether it’s highlighting the themes of a classic novel or presenting opinions about the American Dream after reading “The Great Gatsby.” Despite the fact that most students dread presentations with all their heart, they are undeniably useful. They help students organize … Continue reading The Privilege of Choice