7 Disney Conspiracies That Will Leave You Speechless

Whether you believe in Disney conspiracy theories or not, they tend to be ridiculously interesting and pretty entertaining. At first you may think they’re implausible, but then you keep reading and they start to make sense. Below are seven conspiracy theories that will make your head spin. The Stabbington brothers from Tangled are also siblings … Continue reading 7 Disney Conspiracies That Will Leave You Speechless

Star Wars: A Rogue Review

Allow me to preface my opinion by giving my background. As a kid I worshipped the universe that George Lucas had created. I’ve watched all the movies (yes, even the prequels) multiple times. I delved into a few books, the most impressive being Sean Williams’ Force Unleashed series. I even watched a few of the … Continue reading Star Wars: A Rogue Review

January A’s and F’s

A to the Women’s March: Planned for the day after Inauguration Day, millions of women (and some men) of all ages gathered all around the world for a more positive purpose: women’s rights. A to January’s Netflix update: From more ‘Degrassi’ to ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, this month’s update has actually added some good … Continue reading January A’s and F’s

Funniest Tweets from 2016: LHS Edition

New year, new you. 2017's the year for change, but we hope our favorite Twitter users remain as funny and relatable as they were in 2016 forever! (Is that selfish? My New Year's resolution was being less selfish buuuuut...we hope you don't change. We love you the way you are now.) Here are some of … Continue reading Funniest Tweets from 2016: LHS Edition

14 LHS Students and Teachers That Would Make a Better President Than Trump

The 2016 presidential election is extremely well-known for being wild and unreal, with highlights such as President-Elect Donald Trump’s intense Twitter rant, which bashed Saturday Night Live because the man clearly couldn’t take a joke. Clinton isn’t much better: email drama galore and encapsulating the idea of “the lesser of two evils.” Compared to them, … Continue reading 14 LHS Students and Teachers That Would Make a Better President Than Trump

Full-time Colonel, Part-time Hero

Ledyard senior and volunteer firefighter Jimmy Fitzmaurice had a hectic day after leaving school early on Dec. 15 around lunchtime to assist with the fire that had started at a recycling building on Lorenz Parkway. Many units responded and struggled to fight the fire as it lasted most of the day. “There was a lot … Continue reading Full-time Colonel, Part-time Hero