Junior Charles Crain to Appear on Jeopardy!

The Jeopardy! Teen Tournament will take place in Jan. 2018, and these episodes will be different than all others— Alex Trebek will introduce a Ledyard student (and hopefully more than once). Junior Charles Crain, who will be a senior by then, is eager to appear on “America’s Favorite Quiz Show.” Crain has consistently been a … Continue reading Junior Charles Crain to Appear on Jeopardy!

Kicking Her Way Into Sophomore Year

Freshman Savannah Wahrer is taking her soccer skills to a whole different playing field. Come Sept. 2017, she will be kicking her way into the Friday night lights. After representing Ledyard’s girls’ soccer team as a top goalie last year, Wahrer has prepared herself immensely for this opportunity to become a part of the Ledyard … Continue reading Kicking Her Way Into Sophomore Year

A Different Kind of Team

Ledyard High School’s wrestling team easily captured the Class S 2017 championship title, while the music department was preparing to travel to Disney World to compete in the annual Festival Disney music competition. But, Ledyard’s Unified Sports team has their eyes on a different kind of prize. Unified Sports is a team centered around creating … Continue reading A Different Kind of Team

Strolls Stopped For Good

Due to the recent increase in students walking around various areas of the building during their “bathroom breaks,” LHS students will now need to sign into the main office after leaving their classrooms if they wish to use the bathroom. For those who attended Ledyard Middle School, this system should be familiar. “I think that’s … Continue reading Strolls Stopped For Good