Where They Will Go

Rickie Adams...Military...Navy Allison Antcliff...University of New Haven...Chemical Engineering Jonathan Archer...University of Buffalo...Accounting Julia Austin...University of Rhode Island...Undecided Kelly Banach...Quinnipiac University...Biomedical Sciences Medasi Bendele-Asante...Bethune-Cookman University...Biology Samantha Beacham...University of Connecticut...Communication Disorders Hannah Billings...Coastal Carolina University...Early Childhood Education Tiffany Bivens...Undecided Holli Bledsoe...Rhode Island College...Biology Austin Brandt...Three Rivers Community College...Undecided Blake Brochu...University of Massachusetts Lowell...Computer Science/Engineering Michael Bunch...Three Rivers … Continue reading Where They Will Go

Journalism’s Jam List

Jolie’s choices: “Dream” by Imagine Dragons “Kiss the Devil” by Bel Heir “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull “Bubblegum B****” by Marina and The Diamonds “Hunger” by Ross Copperman “Mercy” by Kanye West Tyler’s choices: “Jump” by Van Halen “Tom Sawyer” by Rush “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison “Santeria” by Sublime “Rose Tattoo” by DKM … Continue reading Journalism’s Jam List

Words from the Wise: A Look at Ledyard Alumni

The end of the 2016-17 school year is fast approaching, and with that, Ledyard High School will bid farewell to yet another graduating class that will emerge from the highs and lows of adolescence as adults and new alumni. While alumni are out of sight, they certainly aren’t out of mind. The class of 2016 … Continue reading Words from the Wise: A Look at Ledyard Alumni

Why More Authors Need to Come to CT

For readers, having a new book come out is a celebrated event. Finding the edition you want to buy is important to some readers and different stores offer different editions. Big box stores have extra goodies and local bookstores have signed copies and other offers. Sometimes, the authors even come to a local bookstore which … Continue reading Why More Authors Need to Come to CT

“Science, Not Silence”

On April 22, America’s 47th Earth Day, thousands of science enthusiasts and environmentalists gathered to march and encourage the use of the scientific method using evidence to support decision making. Protesters directed their grievances toward the federal government, which has perpetuated “alternative facts,” including the claim that global warming is a hoax created for and … Continue reading “Science, Not Silence”