October Roving

Jolie Suarez, Staff Writer Junior Jolie Suarez is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. While binge-watching The Vampire Diaries, she eats salt and vinegar chips, Twizzlers, Wendy’s, Sour Patch Kids, and drinks Olive Garden limontas. You may deliver these foods at any reasonable hour to the main office for her.

IT Review

“I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I’m your worst dream come true. I’m everything you ever were afraid of.” Anyone who is a horror movie fanatic has seen the original Stephen King’s IT. Twenty seven years later, just as Pennywise would be resurfacing in Derry, Maine, the remake of IT came out. The remake was… Read More IT Review

Senior Quotes Announcements

To submit your quote, you can: Email TheColonelLHS@gmail.com Complete the survey on Senior Advisory Classroom Contact Carina Wang (cywang0630@gmail.com) Contact Megan Rosen (meganrosen9420@gmail.com) The FINAL deadline for quotes is Nov. 1, if we do not have your quote by then, it will NOT be in the yearbook.