Update on Max Ebdon


On Friday, Sept. 22, Ledyard’s football team suffered an enormous loss. LHS played Norwich Free Academy (NFA) and lost, but more importantly, senior quarterback, Max Ebdon, suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

The LHS football team was unable to defeat their opponent that day and lost 6-35.

Ebdon, the starting quarterback for the varsity football team, was getting ready to make a play when he was tackled.

As soon as Ebdon was taken down by his opponent, they immediately called for the ambulance out on the field. The press box announced, over the intercom, that medical attention was needed on the field. It was obvious to everyone in the crowd that there was something seriously wrong; you could hear the player that tackled him yell for an ambulance right after the play.   

The ambulance was called as Ebdon remained on the ground. Many members of the team shed tears as they watched their teammate in pain.

Ebdon, while home and resting, posted a few words and pictures about his team and how he would like to thank them and his family about “allowing me to have a successful football career.” In following up with Ebdon through this journey and when asked questions like how he’s feeling or how the pain is, Ebdon has responded, “I am in a lot of pain, but I will be okay.”

Even though Ebdon is back on his feet and attending school, he faces many difficulties. He states, “Crutches in school is a pain in the butt because it’s tiring.”

When Ebdon was asked how he felt about his injury he responded with “I got over the fact that the injury happened because I can’t change anything now, but it is very painful at certain times and is tough to sleep at night so that aggravates me.” Ebdon has been through a lot with his injury but has finally accepted that it has happened and he cannot change that he can’t change it. He will always love football, and continue to watch the game.

Since the loss of Ebdon, Ledyard football has lost four games and won a total of one. The new starting quarterback is junior Jacob Sylvia. Sylvia has a lot to learn considering he had to step up in the middle of the season. However, to go from a second string quarterback to the starting quarterback for a varsity team, Sylvia has really showed his leadership skills on the field. Losing Ebdon was a big loss for the Colonels, but luckily we had Sylvia to pick us up!

Tajeah Winston, Staff Writer

Sophomore Tajeah Winston is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She loves just about any sport almost as much as she loves cows. She is often spotted eating crazy amounts of white rice.

Author: thecolonel306

The Colonel is Ledyard High School's award-winning news magazine, serving as the student voice of LHS for almost 50 years.

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