Better Connecticut: A Christmas Special

Winter: A season where snow covers vast areas, warm drinks are shared with one another, and a group of Ledyard High School students dedicate their time to caroling at various gigs across Connecticut. The Ledyard Carolers aren’t just any ordinary after-school group but a holiday tradition dating back to 1974. Coming from such a small … Continue reading Better Connecticut: A Christmas Special

Hazing Came to a Deadly Stop at Penn State

At the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house at Penn State, freshman Timothy Piazza, a pledge, was forced into drinking 18 alcoholic beverages, which he did in 82 minutes. This was an act of hazing, refers to humiliating and dangerous initiation rituals, imposed on college students seeking membership to the fraternity. Piazza, 19, was described as … Continue reading Hazing Came to a Deadly Stop at Penn State

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

The wait is finally over, Nintendo fans. The famous gaming series, Animal Crossing, has been yet again released as a new installment, but there’s one major catch: It’s only available on mobile devices. Nintendo wanted fans to be able to enjoy the game more easily, so they decided to release this one on iOs and … Continue reading Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review


Over the weekend of October 27 through October 29, I had the experience of going to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) in Chester, CT. RYLA is a program run by Rotary International that allows young people to develop personal and leadership skills with focus placed on communication, problem-solving, management abilities, and introduces attendees to … Continue reading Hey RYLA?