Step Up and Stand Out

Spring break is coming up, for those looking for a place to travel, or needing more volunteer hours, Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) might be the answer. GLA is a program that offers teens a hands-on learning experience, abroad. GLA has all types of different programs, including Wildlife Conservation, Children and Community Development, Children and Education, … Continue reading Step Up and Stand Out


Some movies are inspiring, others are motivational, The Greatest Showman was both. It was nominated for three Golden Globes, and for good reason. The star-studded cast made the musical what it is. With Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and many many more, it's hard to go wrong. The story is inspired by the true story … Continue reading Catch!

The Life and Death of Charles Manson

  November 19, 2017 approximately at 8:13pm Debra, the sister of Sharon Tate,  victim of a two-day murder spree in 1969, one of the victims of the two-day murder spree in 1969 Sharon Tate's sister Debra received a call from the prison officials in California stating Charles Manson is dead. Born in 1934, Charles' childhood … Continue reading The Life and Death of Charles Manson