It’s Time to Meet the Choirs!

At Ledyard High, it’s no secret that the music program is a huge part of what makes the school memorable. Ledyard’s music program is known all around the US, and for a good reason- the choirs are insanely talented. With such a high bar set for the music program, students have to work ridiculously hard … Continue reading It’s Time to Meet the Choirs!

So Fresh, So New, Ayden Harris: Class President of 2022

 In a sea of new freshmen, Ayden Harris is a fresh, new face at LHS. However, this history- loving, “Godfather” watching, eggplant parmesan eating, freshman stands out among his class. Harris, with his positive outlook and fresh ideas, won over his peers, taking the seat as the freshman class president. For those who don’t know … Continue reading So Fresh, So New, Ayden Harris: Class President of 2022

September 17: Athlete of the Week

Ledyard native, junior Brayden Grim, was voted athlete of the week for his accomplishments on the Ledyard High School football team for the week of  September 17. Even though the Colonels didn’t clinch the win against Bunnell High School, Grim still had an outstanding performance with over 80 yards, ran on 13 carries, and scoring … Continue reading September 17: Athlete of the Week

Blue and White Done Right

On September 7, a celebration of Colonels brought Ledyard High School together for the first time this school year. Blue and White day organized by school administrators and staff recognizes students’ achievements, student leaders, different clubs, and athletic teams. This year there were many achievements that span from anything like a unique job opportunity or … Continue reading Blue and White Done Right

Move over Forrest, Ben’s giving you a Run for your money

Senior Ben Vajdos ran across New Hampshire the weekend of September 14, 15 and 16 as part of a charity event to give back to the community that has given him so much. Before the race, Vajdos was approached to discuss this. Q- Why are you running across New Hampshire? A- Well, I work for … Continue reading Move over Forrest, Ben’s giving you a Run for your money

Storytelling Club

Do you feel like people see you differently than you are? Storytelling Club is a chance to share your personal experiences. Whether they be happy, sad, or hilarious, Storytelling Club wants to hear them. The goal of Storytelling Club, since it began late in the 2016/17 school year, has been to create empathy and understanding … Continue reading Storytelling Club