CelebriTEA: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Since the hit movie “A Star is Born” came out in October, fans everywhere have been speculating rumors about the on and off-screen relationship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Given the plot and details of the movie, it’s understandable that hopeful viewers at home would want the two to make the movie into a … Continue reading CelebriTEA: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Senior Spotlight: Olivia Strelevitz

Olivia Strelevitz is a senior at Ledyard High School. She is known for being a varsity swimmer, as well as for her volunteerism. She will continue her education at Southern Connecticut University, and will be pursuing a career in education. The Colonel: What do you do outside of school?   Strelevitz: I swim for my … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Olivia Strelevitz