Go Big Blue!

On Friday, September 13, the LHS marching band made sure the football season got off to a great start. At half-time, they performed their show entitled “Girl Power,” which was spectacular. Marching band is led by new band director Zachary Thomas and the performance featured songs by Aretha Franklin, Katy Perry, P!nk, and “The Greatest … Continue reading Go Big Blue!

EEE Outbreak in Ledyard

Eastern Equine Encephalitis, also known as EEE (Triple E for short), is a virus carried by mosquitoes that targets the body's central nervous system. Some symptoms include, but are not limited to, fever, vomiting, headache, and coma. The virus has been identified in Ledyard, because of this, outdoor sports are not allowed to have practice … Continue reading EEE Outbreak in Ledyard

“We still have captains at Ledyard High School…”

Over the course of the last few weeks of the summer, leading into the school year, there has been a great deal of discussion and confusion regarding sports captains at Ledyard High School.  In the past, captains were chosen prior to or at the very beginning of the season and those chosen would remain captains … Continue reading “We still have captains at Ledyard High School…”

There’s More Than Just Football

It’s the first home game of the season and the bleachers are packed. Students from all grades line up to buy their hot cocoa, then head over to cheer for their peers. The next day, everyone hears about the plays they watched, and the football players are praised for their great work. But, what about … Continue reading There’s More Than Just Football

The Evolution of Hip Hop Music

Over the last few years, gangsta rap has infiltrated mainstream music, leaving messages that are misogynistic and violent. The artists speak on gang violence, drug usage, and designer brands, leading their listeners to desire the high-end life that these rappers allude to in their music. The messages in these songs have since deviated from their … Continue reading The Evolution of Hip Hop Music