What to Watch This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, we find ourselves getting into the spirit of fall: apple picking, pumpkin picking, pear picking (all the pickings!), haunted houses, corn mazes, and most importantly, costume creations. Craft store shelves are constantly empty as DIY-ers occupy their time creating costume contest-winning ensembles. But what if you wanted to stay … Continue reading What to Watch This Halloween

The Problem with Celebrating Columbus Day

On Monday, October 12, many schools, colleges, and workplaces around the nation observed Columbus Day, a federal holiday initially designed to celebrate the discovery of America by European explorer Christopher Columbus. The holiday was first federally recognized in 1934, but in the years since then, 14 states and Washington D.C. have replaced the holiday with … Continue reading The Problem with Celebrating Columbus Day

Let Them Play

“Let them play.” These three words were written on almost every poster that surrounded the Connecticut State Capitol building on Wednesday,  September 9, 2020. Football players, cheerleaders, parents, and even some coaches from around the state, were there to rally against the decision of canceling the fall football season. The previous night, Governor Lamont tweeted … Continue reading Let Them Play

School Anxiety: Tips and tricks on how to ease your anxious feelings

Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges students are facing today, and chances are even you may have noticed an increase in anxiety since the beginning of school. A queasy stomach, headaches, and trouble breathing are just a few of the many symptoms of anxiety that can make it extremely difficult to focus and learn … Continue reading School Anxiety: Tips and tricks on how to ease your anxious feelings

Draco TikTok: Why is it Trending?

The hit social media app “TikTok” has completely shifted in the past month. People’s “For You” pages are seeing less dances, challenges, and singing videos, but instead are flooded by the face of a movie character from a popular franchise that came out almost 20 years ago: Draco Malfoy. #Dracotok has completely wiped the app … Continue reading Draco TikTok: Why is it Trending?

How to Use Technology: Google Meets

As of now, pretty much everyone has been in at least one Google Meet. Some people like them, others don’t, but one thing is for sure in many cases, they help learning from home. While some classes, like physical education, don’t have class-long Meets, many classes such as English and math absolutely do. In these … Continue reading How to Use Technology: Google Meets