Getting to Know Mr. Williams!

Down in the corner of the school lies “happy land” as other teachers call it, otherwise known as Agricultural Science. Not all students are a part of the agriculture community, meaning not everyone has a reason to walk down that hallway, but everyone should explore this area. Sophomore Cate Makenzie says, “I didn’t expect there … Continue reading Getting to Know Mr. Williams!

A New Face in Room 106

Students of Ms. Szell’s may have noticed a new addition to their classroom: on Wednesday, October 13th, room 106 received a class pet. Tobias (whose full name, given by Ms. Szell, is “Tobias or Toby-Tobes”) is a red-eared slider turtle originally from Agri-Science. Toby has quickly become a beloved member of the class. “It’s a … Continue reading A New Face in Room 106