Question Corner: Pete Davidson, Books, and TikTok

The one thing that has been highlighted in the world these past two years is that EVERYONE has opinions and this new section will provide a bi-weekly opportunity to hear all about the opinions floating around the Ledyard High cafeteria. Questions will be asked revolving around trends, pop-culture, and school based topics for all students… Read More Question Corner: Pete Davidson, Books, and TikTok

Opinions About the Top Three Bizarre Headlines From CNN

1.In California, a couple has vanished after stealing millions of dollars of COVID-19 relief funds.  Posted by CNN on November 18,  Richard Ayvazyan, 43, and Marietta Terabelian, 37, faced prison time for their COVID-19 fraud scheme. They then cut off their tracking bracelets and fled. They left behind their three children ages 13,15,16 and were… Read More Opinions About the Top Three Bizarre Headlines From CNN

A School Pet?

Imagine fluffy, little, cute animals’ faces comforting you while doing school work. Sounds fun, right? Wouldn’t you like to have a more relaxed school day accompanied by a school dog or cat? Having classwork breaks, accompanied by a school pet, would be relaxing and fun. High schoolers would be mentally and physically improved by this,… Read More A School Pet?


Spirituality. Another form of religion that many people today have begun following, including myself. Over the past year I have fallen in love with the idea of spirituality. Believing in spirituality is the idea of not necessarily believing in God, but believing in a higher power. As you may have seen on social media or… Read More Spirituality