Food Safety 

                                              Are you the person who eats cereal without looking at the ingredients, or eats fruits and vegetables without washing them? Then you may want to think twice in doing so.  What is actually in the food we consume? “CDC estimates that each year 1 in 6 Americans get sick from contaminated food or beverages… Read More Food Safety 

The Tale Of The Five Pregnant Sheep At LHS

It’s lambing season here in the LHS Ag-Sci department! The Lamb Watch Crew, consisting of junior Shelby Morrison, junior Teagan Lajoie, junior Sydney Weber, junior Leah Petersen, sophomore Cassidy Baker, and sophomore Jessica Dudley, were more than prepared for anything they might face. Five sheep were bred this year: Honeysuckle, Maplesugar, Clover, Violet, and Jingles,… Read More The Tale Of The Five Pregnant Sheep At LHS