Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

The wait is finally over, Nintendo fans. The famous gaming series, Animal Crossing, has been yet again released as a new installment, but there’s one major catch: It’s only available on mobile devices. Nintendo wanted fans to be able to enjoy the game more easily, so they decided to release this one on iOs and Android servers. The 7th installment in the franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes a similar spin on its past games, but it also has some major differences.

The premise of the game stays relatively the same: the main character (MC) arrives in a new town and needs to bond with the animals to gain trust and friendships. But with Pocket Camp, the MC is put in charge of a campsite, not the whole town, which is a difference from past games, where they were mayor of their town (New Leaf), or just a regular villager (Dōbutsu no Mori-City Folk).

Here are some other changes:

  • When starting out, you can design your own character.
  • Every player has the same, set villagers (Apollo, Rosie, Jay, and Filbert).
  • Many characters are not present when you start out, such as Tom Nook, Resetti, and Harriet.
  • In order to craft items, you must do favors for the animals constantly.
  • You can not spawn items in any part of the map, but instead, only when you enter a certain area.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this version. Although it is very convenient, as it can be accessed with one tap, I grew up playing Animal Crossing: Wild World, a game that had the original theme. To me, it seems as I’m only focused on improving my campsite, and not exploring the depths of the game. There isn’t much freedom as there has been in the past. This game is great for people new to the Animal Crossing franchise, but for gamers that have been involved with the series since the beginning like myself, I was looking forward to a game that could be similar to how it used to be.

Sophia Keefe, Staff Writer

Senior Sophia ‘Sophie’ Keefe is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is an avid varsity softball player and track runner on top of her involvement in Ledyard music, participating in Acabellas, Carolers, and Select Singers. After school, you’ll find her studying for anatomy while simultaneously petting cats and listening to Plain Ketchup (it’s a band.)

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