Junior Prom: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The evening of May 11, the Ledyard High School juniors got to experience a night they will never forget: Junior Prom. The night was filled with food, photos, and fun. The prom took place at the Mystic Hilton, a beautiful venue. As the guests flooded in, the excitement started rising as people checked-in, voted for King and Queen, and found their seats.

The night continued and guests anxiously waited for their table number to be called so they could start eating, only to be disappointed by the temperature of their pasta. Junior Ally Tran gave her honest opinion on this meal, “I’m not gonna lie, there was a limited selection and it was cold.” In positive news, Ledyard junior Karissa Paul said, “at least there was bread,” despite the major party foul of cold pasta and lack of selection, the rolls were the saving grace of the dinner.

Towards the middle of the evening, it was time for the King and Queen to be announced. The nominees made their way to the back, this included: Olivia Dunbar and Harold Phillips, Kendall Chrzanowski and Cooper Langlois, Emma Chin and Wesley Hughes, Emma Terry and Justin Kinney, and Anna Leandri (That’s me!!!!)  and Juan Garcia. When it was time for the winners to be announced, everyone took their seats and the nominees made their way to the floor. Juan Garcia and I were announced as King and Queen. That was pretty cool but the whole “Royalty Dance” was a little weird. The idea was nice but the concept of the whole class and some teachers just watching us slow dance was not as fun as someone might think. Juan said, “It was a really fun experience.” Don’t get me wrong, it was really fun and exciting, but I am still not over the whole dancing in front of everyone. All the other nominees took part in the dance as well, some slow danced, others stood there, and then there was Kendall dabbing and hitting the woah.

Overall, the night was, let’s just say, very interesting. Kacy Medas had this to say, “It was no High School Musical moment, but I still had a blast with my friends.” Ledyard High Schools junior prom will always be remembered as the night the pasta was cold and the music was meh.

Anna Leandri, Co-Editor of the Colonel and Horizons

Junior Anna Leandri is a co-editor for the 2018-2019 Colonel newspaper, Horizons yearbook and a serious Harry Potter addict. When she’s not eating Moe’s, she’s practicing volleyball and track plotting how to defeat all of her friends and family in various board games.

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