Funniest Tweets from 2016: LHS Edition

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New year, new you. 2017’s the year for change, but we hope our favorite Twitter users remain as funny and relatable as they were in 2016 forever! (Is that selfish? My New Year’s resolution was being less selfish buuuuut…we hope you don’t change. We love you the way you are now.)

Here are some of the funniest Tweets from 2016 that really spoke to us:


@averysamokar always speaks the truth.


@sam_antha222‘s tweets are accurate representations of our mood.


@madiejaxn is endlessly admirable for petitioning for the extra holiday we all deserve.


@emrosep22 loves cats just as much as us.


@laurynthelu has perfectly described 2016. Fingers crossed to a better 2017!

Hannah Chapman, Staff Writer

Junior Hannah Chapman is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. When she is not participating in Ledyard’s swim and tennis teams, she is often listening to music and attending many concerts.



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