Quinn Duwelius: Athlete of the Month

How has fencing influenced your commitment to sports?

Fencing became my main sport going into junior year. I knew I had to give up volleyball and horseback riding in order to compete at the level [of ] the better fencers.


What is it like to travel to different tournaments?

Traveling is fun and stressful at the same time. I love visiting other cities around the United States. However, missing school, airports, and times changes can be pretty draining, although  I would not trade the memories I’ve made in these many cities for anything. My favorite memory was shared with my best friend in Portland when we visited some of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls ever!


Do you plan on fencing in college?

I do plan on fencing in college. I’ve already signed to Temple University, a Division I college, in Pennsylvania.


How long have you been fencing?

I’ve been fencing for around three and half years.


What is your favorite part about the sport?

My favorite part of fencing is how I feel 100% myself when I am on the strip. I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do and when I have successful moments I can’t hide how happy I feel inside. It is a wonderful feeling to consistently improve in a sport you’ve dedicated years of your life to.


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Megan Brawner, Sports Editor

Junior Megan Brawner is Sports Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She serves as Secretary for the Junior Class, is a lead runner on the track and cross country teams, and takes pictures for Inner Visions and Teen Ink.

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