Dec. 19


  • To the driving simulation. The combination of terribly random text messages, sensitive steering wheels and brakes, and strange sceneries truly proved how much we Colonels stink at driving.

  • To all of you who spend much of your holidays volunteering. For those of you who don’t volunteer, watch and take notes.

  • To the holiday choral concert. Even after a month of nothing but Christmas music on the radio, you still sold out the auditorium. Kudos to y’all.


  • To expensive Christmas gifts. Price tags are pretty much equivalent to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

  • Midterms. To the freshmen: good luck on your first real test. To the seniors, halfway there.

  • To the end of Caroler season; those poor kids actually have to go to school now. Darn.

Author: thecolonel306

The Colonel is Ledyard High School's award-winning news magazine, serving as the student voice of LHS for almost 50 years.

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