Ledyard Board of Education Elects New Chair

The Ledyard Board of Education (BoE) is usually overlooked until budget season, despite its profound impact on all the Ledyard schools and how they operate. Last Wednesday, however, the BoE made news as it voted to replace Chairwoman Mimi Peck-Llewellyn (second from right in the photo, seated) and elect Anthony Favry, current chairman of the Policy Committee, to take her position.

The Day of New London reported that the vote to remove Peck-Llewellyn was 7 to 1, with member David Luke dissenting and Peck-Llewellyn abstaining, while the vote to elect Favry was unanimous.

The decision to remove Peck-Llewellyn stemmed from communication and performance issues. According to The Day, member Andra Ingalls read a statement citing the board’s concerns about Peck-Llewellyn’s accuracy in representing the board and doubts about her performance of the chair’s duties. “As chair, Ms. Peck-Llewellyn has not demonstrated the ability to lead us into working as a cohesive unit,” Ingalls concluded.

The Day could not reach Peck-Llewellyn after the meeting but she did say that the decision made it clear that she couldn’t get the board’s respect and that she “cannot, however, accept total responsibility for the board’s dysfunction.”

Carina Wang, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Carina Wang is the Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel. She participates in Girls’ Tennis. Outside of school, she can be found volunteering her time at humanitarian nonprofits, running a study inspiration Tumblr blog, or avidly refreshing PowerSchool.

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