February A’s and F’s

A to the Quahog Bowl: A special congratulations to the select students who participated and came in first at the annual Quahog bowl. They will now be representing the state of Connecticut at nationals in Oregon in April.

A to Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement: Last week, one of America’s most beloved performers announced her second pregnancy on instagram with a picture featuring a green veil and the new baby bump. We’s expect nothing less from Queen B. View the most-liked picture on Instagram here: http://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/beyonce-pregnant-with-twins-to-perform-at-grammys-2017/1735567/

A to ECCs/States: Congratulations to all of the winter sports teams who are bringing back countless trophies and varsity patches for LHS.

A to the Colonel Crew: Possibly the only group that can outshine the cheerleaders from the bleachers, Ledyard’s Colonel Crew cheer on the boys varsity basketball team at every home game in the most creative ways, like with giant headshots of the players.

A to Mrs. Fagan: Yet another important speech was given by Mrs. Fagan at the beginning of the week, making sure every Ledyard student knows that we are important and equal, regardless of whatever executive orders say.

A to Corinne Olympios: Also known as the best Bachelor villain in history, she brings something very special to this season. It’s just so relatable to nap through a rose ceremony after a  long day. She doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap and knows how to stay to herself. We can all  learn something from her.

F to Corinne Olympios: This girl is truly worthy of the first A and F at the same time in Colonel history. She may be perfectly sassy, but she needs a nanny for basic life skills like laundry and making the bed. For someone who runs Daddy’s multi-million dollar company, she doesn’t seem to be that bright.

F to one earbud maximum: This just isn’t big enough of an issue for a policy to be made. It is early in the morning. Everyone is tired. Just let us listen to music before class so maybe we’ll be a little more awake.

F to this lame New England winter: Hello there Mother Nature, I was just wondering where you’ve placed New England winters, because it’s definitely not in New England and the only good thing about going to school in this area are the snow days. Thanks.

F to all the missing puppies: Everyday driving to school, there are so many posters up from sad families looking for their missing dogs, literally the worst thing in the world to experience.

F to busses being late: It may not be snowing but IT IS STILL COLD PLEASE STOP MAKING US WAIT OUTSIDE.

Megan Rosen, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Junior Megan Rosen is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel. She is on the varsity tennis team at Ledyard, participates in PALESTRA, and enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. When she is not in school, you can often find her shopping or eating waffles and drinking smoothies.

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