The Best Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl season— it’s something you either hate or love. One thing everyone looks forward to, sports fans and sports haters alike, are the new and funny commercials. These pricey commercials, at 5 million dollars for just 30 seconds, are worth a watch. The following are the most memorable from the 2017 Super Bowl:

Stranger Things Season 2 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Stranger Things was the biggest show of the summer. If you’ve watched the first season of Stranger Things, you’ve most likely been on the edge of your seat waiting for Season 2 to be announced. Luckily, an old school waffle commercial gave us quite a surprise by announcing it, which is airing Halloween 2017.

Airbnb “We Accept”

This powerful ad depicts people of all different races, religions, and genders with the phrase “We accept” over their faces. It’s a powerful message that shows that no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexuality, we are all human in the end.


This funny commercial depicts a boy trying to get a girl’s attention by throwing Skittles at her window. Little does he know her entire family is eating the Skittles as he throws them.

Turbo Tax

As a twist on the classic childhood story of Humpty Dumpty, this commercial displays Humpty Dumpty cracked on the ground while doing his taxes on the wall.

Mr. Clean

Funny, yet steamy, this commercial shows a wife who imagines her husband as Mr. Clean because “you gotta love a man who cleans.”

This set of commercials is almost like a mini action movie. Felix, a chef who is trying to jumpstart his career by creating a website using, is interrupted by a series of unfortunate events, a result of Gal Gadot and Jason Statham fighting crime near all of his businesses.


Bill Nye, everyone’s favorite childhood science teacher, blew up his lab coat and now relies on Persil laundry detergent to make it look brand new.


Justin Bieber is featured in this commercial, dressed up in a tux being the Celebration Expert. He shows the ultimate celebration techniques when you score a touchdown to unlimited data plans with.


This car commercial begins with a father talking about how he will tell his daughter that she will never be equal to a man, no matter her education, drive, skills, or intelligence, unless something changes. This is a powerful commercial putting the issue of the wage gap out in the open and stating that only we can change that issue.  


This commercial shows Tom Brady doing regular stuff, like brushing his teeth and waking up, but with Intel, everyday life becomes much more epic.

Hannah Chapman, Staff Writer

Junior Hannah Chapman is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. When she is not participating in Ledyard’s swim and tennis teams, she is often listening to music and attending many concerts.

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