Celtics Fever

The Boston Celtics is currently the NBA’s hottest team. Brad Stevens,the Celtics head coach, and his young team, led by all-star guard Kyrie Irving, are proving themselves to the rest of the league that they are one of the top teams in the NBA.

Danny Ainge, the Celtics GM, and the rest of the Boston Celtics organization have put together an extremely good team. Over the summer, the Celtics drafted Jayson Tatum with the third overall pick out of Duke, who is already proving himself to be one of the best rookies to come out of the 2017 draft. In the summer, The Celtics signed all-star Gordon Hayward through free agency and acquired all-star point guard Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Celtics front office made a few changes over the off season. They traded away Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons for Marcus Morris to clear up enough cap space to sign Gordon Hayward. Another trade the Boston Celtics made shocked the entire NBA world. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics agreed to a blockbuster trade swapping all-star point guards Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving. In that trade, the Celtics also gave up a 2018 first round pick and two other players, Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic.

The Boston Celtics started off the season 0-2 after the horrific season ending injury to forward Gordon Hayward. Since the Celtics dropped their first two games, they have been on a 13-game winning streak. The Celtics’ hot start is now an NBA record for most consecutive wins after starting the season 0-2 or worse. The young Celtics look to keep their streak alive and push it to 14 in their next game against the Golden State Warriors. However, the defending champions will be a tough task to complete considering their roster is loaded with four all-stars in their starting line-up. The Boston Celtics will have to do almost everything right to beat the Warriors: this match-up will be the ultimate test for Brad Stevens and his young team.

With all the pieces the Celtics put together, they are projected to have one of their best seasons they’ve had in awhile. The last time the Celtics made it to the finals was in 2010, in which they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. The young and improved Celtics look to compete for a NBA championship and finally get LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jaeden Arder, Staff Writer

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