The Return of Rickerson

A competitor is defined as one who takes part in an athletic contest, but every true athlete knows that this word has a much deeper meaning.  Although it is challenging to embody this definition into words, just picture…time seems to slow down, you can feel the sweat covering your body but it doesn’t bother you. You feel hyper focused as if nothing can distract you. Your body is ready to react and make split second decisions. The only thing on your mind is the desire to win.  

If you have watched senior Devin Rickerson play, then you will understand that he is not simply “one who takes part in an athletic events,” but that he is a true competitor. The vessel through which he competes is basketball. Rickerson has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember, participating in a variety of leagues and tournaments. He started out his high school career at Ledyard, then decided to transfer to St. Thomas Moore (STM) for his sophomore and junior years. Ultimately, Rickerson came back to Ledyard his senior year because he felt he would “get noticed more from the [newspapers] and by [college] coaches.”  In addition to this, Rickerson says, “I came back to Ledyard to finish my high school basketball career with my brothers, who I have been playing with since fifth grade.” Devin had previously played on a team called the Mashantucket Sachems and then the Ledyard Middle School team, with the same kids that he is playing with currently, for his senior year. Rickerson has made a definitive impact on the basketball team this year, filling a number of the columns on the stat sheet, often leading the team in points. He says. “It’s a little hard getting back into things,” after his two year absence but he strives to “stay focused in the classroom and on the court.” The positives far outweigh the negatives of the change as Rickerson says, “I get to be home with my family a lot more,”  whereas at STM he had to stay on campus most of the time. It’s safe to say that so far this athlete’s return has garnered nothing but positivity from his school, his team and his family.

Trevor Hutchins, Staff Writer

Senior Trevor Hutchins is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. He is one of the few three sport athletes at LHS and is President of Key Club. Trevor is also an avid Avatar watcher, an amateur guitar player, and can “whip up an irresistible secret sauce in the kitchen.”

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