End of the School Year

Well, guys, we’ve almost done it. Today was our last day of classes before finals. This was a good year. There were a lot of changes but a lot of things stayed the same. We’re growing up and at the same time are not quite old enough to do everything we want to do. Maybe you feel like you didn’t do much this year. Maybe you were stressed all the time because you had too much to do. Maybe you binged a new series or read a great book. Whatever you did, the relief of the end of school is coming soon, and with it a summer that you can make great. Get a job, or volunteer, or maybe just sit at home and watch Netflix all day. Just make sure that you’re not wasting the small amount of time you have before school starts up again and the hustle and bustle of tests, quizzes, notes, and homework takes over. Summer is the time to slow down and just enjoy living. Or speed up and enjoy living, you do you, man.

Remember to have lots of fun and see you next year!

Sophomore Ella Lindbeck is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. She is a swimmer and loves reading. If she isn’t watching the Harry Potter movies she’s probably napping.

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