Homecoming 2019

Homecoming for some seniors is just another dance they go to to have fun with their friends, they think it’s no big deal. For some of the new freshmen, however,  Homecoming is something they have been waiting for. It’s their first big dance. Here are some Q&A’s from students about how Homecoming was:

Question#1 What were your thoughts about Homecoming?


James Green “I thought it sounded cool, my older brother said it was lit, so I’m going to see if that’s the case.”

Keleila Bryant “I thought it was going to be boring, but then I went… and I was right.”


Jaiden Bickham “It was aight [sic], my girlfriend made me go but it was good.”

Omar Whitmore “The atmosphere was very interesting (from previous years of going)… a lot of hot and sweaty people that smelled funny.” 

Andres Pardo “DJ was terrible, food was bad, decorations were great.”

Question #2 If you could add something to homecoming, what would it be? 


Kieara Kirvan “Deodorant at the door… some people forget to put it on.” 

Evelyn Mallony “More cookies.”

Natalyah Williams “Better music because I was tryna bust a move but none of my songs was playing!”


Fabian May “Bro, it would have been the best if they had better or more food there.”

Abby Millbach “Prolly [sic] better music. More throwback songs.” 

Tajeah Winston “I would want there to be better music. I’m tired of standing still and talking to my friends for three songs just waiting to dance to one good song.”

Question #3 Why or why did you not decide to go to Homecoming this year?


Aniyah Bickham “I love dancing and I have a lot of fun with my friends.”

Monet Augmon “It was aight…music was a lil wack though [sic].”


Hunter Williams “My friends said it was going to be lit, so I had to check it out.”

Elliott Smith “I didn’t have a date, so I didn’t even bother.”

Rachael Herrick “Last year my boyfriend and I were trying to slow dance, but they just kept playing a bunch of rap.”

After seeing all of these responses, I think that if the students were allowed to make the playlist for Homecoming this would solve the main problem everybody had with the music. Plus, we wouldn’t have to waste money on an average DJ. Also adding more cookies is crucial. I went to get a cookie when I was taking a break and they were all gone. If we added these things to Homecoming, I guarantee Ledyard would make a lot more money than last year.

Senior Jayden Luther is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel.  

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