A Dictionary for the Teachers

A dictionary guaranteed to broaden the readers knowledge about this generation, words, slang, and apps that influence how they speak towards others. Not many teachers throughout the school are aware of what a selection of these words and phrases mean. 

Tik Tok – Tik Tok is an app, previously known as “Musical.ly”, where people can lip sync or dance to any sounds, songs, or scenes from the internet. There are various challenges and trends that this app has created. For example, the song “Ransom” by Lil Tecca blew up because popular creators on Tik Tok made a dance to it. The link leads to an example of a popular creator dancing to a mash-up of songs.

No Cap/Cappin’ – This phrase shows that you are not lying about something. Frequently used verbally and with emojis over the internet. The phrase Cappin’ describes when someone is saying something that seems false. The slang term was first used in the 1940’s and became more popular in 2017 when rappers Young Thug and Future released a song called “No Cap”(dictionary.com).

Ex. That food was good no cap.

Ex. Jack: That test was so hard no cap.

Drake: Man, you’re cappin’ that was the easiest test ever.

Peridot – This word is an intensified version of the word “period.”It puts more emphasis on the end syllables of the word.

Ex. I do not want to go to school tomorrow periodt

Drip/Drippin’ – This term is another way to describe having a large amount of swag, which is an alternative of saying cool. 

Ex. Karen: What are you wearing?

Drake: It’s called style mom, respect the drip Karen.

Hurd This word is just a literal spelling error of the word “heard.” It is said to ask if someone understands or agrees with what is being said. 

Ex. I honestly don’t know how to do the math homework you hurd? It’s way too hard. 

VSCO Girl – This is a phrase used to describe the “basic” girl. They’re stereotyped to wear oversized t-shirts, Birkenstocks, Vans, Nike socks, use scrunchies, and carry around a hydro flask. When these “VSCO girls” drop their hydroflask they’re known to say “sksksk.” Which leads to the next word. 

Sksksk-  This phrase is used to express shock, surprise, embarrassment or even if something is funny. Usually it is used in texting, but occasionally said out loud. It is similar to saying “omg” for “oh my god.” 

Ex. Omg! I dropped my hydro flask sksksk!

Heard any other terms you want defined? Drop us a comment below! 

Sophomore Yzabella Waddell (Yzzy) is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel Magazine. When she’s not found on the soccer field you can find her drinking way too many iced coffees. Outside of school Yzzy can be found with her friend Emma Katherine, or with her hedgehog, cat, dog, and hamster.  

Sophomore Emma Smith is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel Magazine. She enjoys playing soccer and drinking iced coffee. When she’s not at soccer she’s with her friend or spending time with family.

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