First Lunch vs. Second Lunch

Here at Ledyard High School, there are two separate lunch waves. On a regular day the first lunch wave starts at 10:42 A.M., and ends at 11:07 A.M. The second lunch wave starts at 12:11 P.M. and ends at 12:36 P.M.

Around the school students were asked which lunch they had, which lunch they preferred, and why they preferred the lunch they chose. But, before all that, being that this is an opinion piece, I’m pretty sure that my editors will let me tell you what my favorite lunch is.

I side with second lunch. I actually have second lunch for both “A” days, and “B” days this year. I know for a fact that this lunch is better because it is closer to noon (which is when lunch should be), and I have this lunch after Advanced Phys-Ed, so I know I won’t be running around with a full stomach and get terrible cramps. Second lunch also allows me to leave the crowded, boisterous cafeteria and retreat to the sacred learning sanctuary of English teacher Claire Malavazos. Although this classroom can, at times, become just as rowdy as the lunchroom, it is a much more personal space. On top of all this, I can get a head start in moving onto my next class because I am further down the hall, which means I can avoid the throngs of recently fed adolescents pouring out of the lunch room. Still, although I’ve settled this debate already, I still did the work in collecting quotes from other students, so I guess I’ll put those in (below).


Name: Ariana Gomez

Grade: 12

Lunch Pick: 1st Lunch

Reasoning: “I would prefer 1st lunch because I get really hungry in the morning and having 2nd lunch would make me suffer through class.”


Name: Mia Farnsworth

Grade: 12

Lunch Pick: 2nd Lunch

Reasoning: “First lunch is very early and I’m not hungry then.”


Name: Amir Feaster


Lunch Pick: 2nd Lunch

Reasoning: “I may not be that hungry during that time.”


Name: Gabe Watrous

Grade: 9

Lunch Pick: 1st lunch

Reasoning: “I have first lunch already, duh.”
In conclusion, my opinion is definitely right, so thank you for reading, and have a great day. Please disregard all information that may lead you to disagree with my opinion, and once again, have a great day.

Tyler Whatton, Staff Writer

Senior Tyler Whatton is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. He plays baseball and sings in Carolers, Chamber Choir, and Final Cut. He participates in Ledyard Airsoft, is an aspiring model looking for a contract, and can rap the entirety of “Rapper’s Delight” (with background music provided).

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