NHL Playoffs

As of Monday, April 17, the quest for the Stanley Cup began. With another historic and record-breaking season, the fans and players are eager for these games. This season,there were many newsworthy  moments like the Boston Bruins breaking the record for most wins in a season, and Edmonton Oiler player Connor Mcdavid being the only… Read More NHL Playoffs

Fundraisers coming up 

                                                    It’s your chance to shine students. On Monday April 3, there will be a school fundraiser to pie teachers. This pie showdown will take place after school until 3:00 p.m.  The key is you have to donate $10 to pie a teacher. Rules are, you are going to be blindfolded when throwing a pie at… Read More Fundraisers coming up 

Strange Life On A New Planet?!

                                           It’s 2023, and scientists have discovered a NEW planet! They are calling this planet Felineo. This planet is gray with craters. It has zero gravity and it is one of the biggest planets in the Milky Way Solar System. What’s even better is that scientists have discovered life on Felineo. Scientists call them Cateronmoni.… Read More Strange Life On A New Planet?!