A Masterpiece Half Represented?

In the past several years, many artists have contributed to The Colonel’s Poet Laureate segment and Inner Visions. However, upon looking at the artists, most of them are girls.

“The drawings and paintings they put in The Colonel and Inner Visions are well done,” senior Miranda Torres said. “However, getting some guys to do it would be nice.” The Colonel’s Poet Laureate section includes a painting or sketch that often conveys the themes of the poem. The artists are selected by the teachers from the art department.

“There’s always been more girls who apply to be the poet laureate artist,” art teacher Kathleen Flanagan said. “I have noticed that girls at this age tend to express themselves as art is primarily done by motivation.”

Similar trends have been noticed in Inner Visions as well. “Students are free to submit any kind of work,” English teacher and Inner Visions advisor Barbara Park said. “At the moment, we only have two boys who are contributing to the publication. It would be nice to have more male artists to represent the school.”

For now, overall perceptions on the imbalance of male to female artists are set aside in favor of the quality of the art. “It really doesn’t matter if the artist is a male or female,” junior Tom Bora said. “Art is a skill, and if boys want to do it, that’s good.”

“People are interested towards different things,” sophomore Inner Visions composer Michael Riegert said. “Let them decide for themselves.”


Kenneth Tran, Staff Writer

Senior Kenneth Tran is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is co-leader of the Amnesty International club and participates in the National Ocean Science Bowl.

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