7 Disney Conspiracies That Will Leave You Speechless

Whether you believe in Disney conspiracy theories or not, they tend to be ridiculously interesting and pretty entertaining. At first you may think they’re implausible, but then you keep reading and they start to make sense.

Below are seven conspiracy theories that will make your head spin.

  1. The Stabbington brothers from Tangled are also siblings to Prince Hans from Frozen. Prince Hans revealed that he had eleven brothers when talking to Princess Anna. Only one of his siblings will ultimately obtain the crown to the throne, leaving ten more who don’t. It would only make sense that there may be at least one other who would go and try to steal another crown, or in this case two. The Stabbington brothers were criminals who tried to steal a crown. They also had red hair, like Prince Hans. Coincidence?
  1. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid was actually a pirate, and not a real prince. He spends an unreasonable time on boats for a standard prince, something that isn’t really done. We also never see his parents, nor does anyone ever speak of them, so he might not be of royal descent. It is also a little strange how close to the ocean the castle is. It would be extremely prone to sea attacks. There is definitely a possibility that he is a pirate who got everyone to call him a prince.
  1. The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Tangled are all from the same universe. The theory is that when the king and queen of Arendelle from Frozen left on the ship, they went away to see Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding from Tangled. Before they could make it, there was a storm and their ship sank. This was the same ship that Ariel was seen exploring in the beginning of The Little Mermaid. Frozen happened near Norway, Tangled was placed somewhere around Germany, and The Little Mermaid was located in Denmark. On a map, it’s almost a straight line from Norway to Germany. Later on Rapunzel and Flynn are seen at Elsa’s coronation to pay tribute to her parents.
  1. Aladdin was set in the future. Isn’t it a little weird how Genie knew about the fashion from the 3rd century when commenting on Aladdin’s clothes? He also referenced Groucho Marx, Jack Nicholson, and others with ease, when he should had been stuck in the lamp. Yet when first coming out he told Aladdin he had been in the lamp for 10,000 years. He couldn’t have possibly had known what he had. This was a post-apocalyptic wasteland where technology, such as flying carpets and genetically modified birds able to follow human conversation, are nearly forgotten and passed off as “magic.”
  1. Jane from Tarzan is the granddaughter of Belle from Beauty and The Beast. The resemblance between the two is uncanny; both long brown hair, a slim frame and a small nose. Also, Jane could understand Tarzan, who was very animal like. This is kind of like how Belle could understand the Beast. In a scene in Tarzan, where all of the animals were in the camp, a tea set exactly like the one in Beauty and the Beast was shown.
  1. The original owner of Jessie from Toy Story was Andy’s mother. Throughout the movie series, we never find out his mother’s name. It could have very well been Emily, the name of Jessie’s original owner. In one of the flashbacks, Andy is seen wearing a very similar hat to the one Emily had. Also, in every Toy Story movie, they emphasize how rare Woody is. Wouldn’t it make sense if Andy’s mother had found the boy version of the doll she grew up loving?
  1. Boo from Monsters Inc. is the witch from Brave. We see a wood carving in her house that looks disturbingly like Sulley from Monsters Inc. The witch is very connected to the animals, and Boo had always had a special thing for the monsters. Also, every time the witch went through a door, she would disappear. Almost like the doors they had in Monsters Inc, which they led to different places.

While those are some of the more interesting ones, there are a world of other Disney theories out there. They have been around since the first Disney movies, and they will continue with more Disney movies to come. There will always be what if’s, Disney movies are no exceptions.

Rachel Evans, Staff Writer
Sophomore Rachel Evans is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She plays in Marching Band, Wind Orchestra, and Symphonic Band. Outside of school, she enjoys taking photos.

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