Honey Has No Boo Boos

Since the summer of 2012, Honey Boo Boo has been taking on the world by storm. Honey Boo Boo’s real name is Alana Thompson, and her life is anything but ordinary. I often ask myself why Mama June, Boo Boo’s mom, decided to give her that nickname. However, once I looked into their family, it is not surprising at all. June’s long-time boyfriend, Sugar Bear, provides for the family and is often seen losing patience with Boo Boo.

From pageants to redneck cookouts, Boo Boo has never been seen with an actual injury that is implied from her name. When I was in preschool my little pals and I would call our playground battle wounds, “boos boos”. This is very confusing now that a little southern girl is called a Honey Boo Boo; this would technically mean that she is a “honey injury”. That does not sound like it should be a name for a TLC hit show.

Perhaps TLC should have named the show, “Here Comes the Little Southern Girl from Georgia.” That makes a lot more sense to me.

On a different note, Mama June does not get enough credit for her savvy couponing ways. She saves her family thousands of dollars and Boo Boo and her siblings often tease Mama June about the large quantities of items in the living and dining rooms. This could signify that Boo Boo is just another sassy child, not an injured child.

Overall, Boo Boo’s name is deceiving. All names have a meaning behind them, and Boo Boo’s name is a lie. TLC needs to produce a show that has a little girl eating cheese balls by the tracks with a name that tells a story. I’m sure Boo Boo is a nice enough girl, but her name will never tell the story it was supposed to tell.


Megan Brawner, Sports Editor

Junior Megan Brawner is Sports Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She serves as Secretary for the Junior Class, is a lead runner on the track and cross country teams, and takes pictures for Inner Visions and Teen Ink.

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