LHS Making a Way for LGBT Acceptance

Bullying in the American education system has, is, and always will be a significant problem to students and staff alike. Kids being laughed at, or made fun of because of choices they have made, or ridiculed for things they may not be able to control has been something that students find hard living with, and faculty and staff find challenging dealing with. In light of the current LGBT movement in countries such as the United States, more and more kids in middle and high school are being treated horribly in regards to their social, emotional, or even physical well being. Despite this, Ledyard, an arguably conservative town, has been quite progressive, within the school system and the community, making those who identify as LGBT comfortable with how they choose to live and providing outlets for help and support should they need it.

It would be untrue to make a statement that Ledyard has never had a problem with the LGBT community or bullying within said community, but it would be accurate to say that through extracurricular clubs at LHS such as the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and other support groups in the community, Ledyard has certainly helped kids feel accepted enough to live their lives as they want to, no matter what their sexual orientation may be. Since their establishments, these groups have shown an increase in momentum from participants who are enthusiastic leaders who want to provide positive, fulfilling roles in the community, and leaving a lasting, supportive feeling to those who may be struggling trying to identify themselves or just be accepted by their friends and families.

Although bullying in schools is a nationwide problem, Ledyard is making itself known as an open community. Having an overall positive history through the past few years for the LGBT community, the town will hopefully leave a lasting legacy to those who come from wherever, no matter how they were treated in the past or currently. LHS has proved that it has the potential to have a positive and lasting effect on the lives of LGBT individuals, and it can provide them with an affirmative future in the town.


Jamie Bogue, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Jamie Bogue is the Editor-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is a drum major for marching band, sings in Ledyard Carolers, and is attending Liberty University next fall.


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