Show Your True Colors in the GSA

A club of support and awareness, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) has skyrocketed in its amount of members, as well as its activity. “We’ve bonded a lot this year with this group,” senior and leader Nikki McComiskey said. “And it’s so nice to see so many kids able to be themselves.”

As of this year, the GSA has become one of the largest growing clubs within the walls of Ledyard High School, not to mention one of the safest. From a range of 20 to 30 members in the past three years, the amount of people joining has reached 80. The four leaders, senior Nikki McComiskey, senior Marissalyn Marshall, junior Stephanie McClardy, and junior Anthony Rose, not to mention the club’s adviser Mr. Palmieri, have come together as a team to make this club the best it can be. “We have about 30 new members and a massive increase in the amount of people coming to our fundraisers and bonding activities,” Marshall said.

This club is a safe haven for any who come to join, and the leaders feel as though this is a big deal. “If anyone ever has a problem, they come to us, and we can work it out very well,” McClardy said. The action of going to the club leaders for help hasn’t been used as much as it could have been in the past; yet now, with this year’s booming amount of club members, it has blown up. “I’ve actually had a lot of [members], as well as others come up to me and ask me questions or confide in me and open up because they say they know they’re safe here,” McComiskey said.

All students who learn about this club and even decide to join it are all different in their own ways, and all will always be welcomed in room 111 with the accepting community of the GSA.


Megan McKern, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan McKern is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She participates in GSA, fencing, and the indoor soccer team.

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