An Epic Change

Shortly after many music students auditioned for a role in the musical “Once Upon A Mattress” music director Russell Hammond made an executive decision to change the musical to “Les Miserables.” “I changed it because when opportunity knocks you answer,” Hammond said. “We have the students to take on Les Mis, so we are. It is a challenge of a lifetime and in the end it will provide memories that will last a lifetime for the students.”

Many students feel just as excited as Hammond. Senior Mekaila Stefano is playing one of the leading roles as Eponine. Stefano is thrilled about the show and her role. “Musicals are always fun, no matter what they are, but I think everyone is happier that we are doing Les Mis,” Stefano said. “It’s the kind of show in the theater world that everybody loves and dreams of doing.”

Sophomore Carter Smith is playing a leading role as Javert. He was a little more weary of the challenge, but the longer he thought about it, the more comfortable he became  with the idea. “At first I didn’t think it was a good idea, I thought it was almost too big for us,” Smith said. “But then the cast list came out, and we definitely have the cast to pull a musical as epic as this. As Mr. Hammond started talking more about it I began to understand his vision for the show and I thought, ‘This is going to be really great.’”

Most of the drama department is absolutely ecstatic about performing Les Miserables. “I am kind of obsessed with Les Mis so this is a dream come true,” Stefano said. “I am really honored to have been given this opportunity to do Eponine justice.”


Dani Tynan, News Editor

Junior Dani Tynan is News Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She plays varsity volleyball and softball, and participates in Operation Smiles.


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