Absent Inferno

I wrote under the cold sun

As it desperately tried to thaw my icy veins,

And exhaled visibility

Into the mess of smoke rings and water vapor.

I refused to wear a jacket

Because all I’ve ever wanted was to feel

The ice fuse with my skin

So I could finally experience my fifth sense,

Rather than all of winter’s melancholic thoughts

That seemed to swirl like flurries in my head

About slippery roads and cherry flavored snow

And how everything and everyone seemed to drop

With the temperature

And the overly-lit ball.

It’s only the middle of winter,

But the start of the New Year,

And yet nothing has changed:

The sun still shines,

The people still talk,

And I am still bitterly cold.


Nikki McComiskey

Senior Nikki McComiskey is the 2014-2015 Poet Laureate. She is a leader for the Gay-Straight Alliance and plays Varsity volleyball and softball.

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