Junior Ben Gardner Becomes Stuntman

With a lot of snow days in Ledyard and surrounding areas, one can get bored pretty quickly in just one or two days. Junior Ben Gardner and his friends had the same problem, so they decided to make a video. And out of the idea of making a video in the snow with a basketball became, accidentally, a very famous video.

Eight people jumping around in the snow with a basketball, with many failures, Gardner’s head against the backboard and finally a dunk, made a hilarious, great video. “Some friends from Fitch [and I] got together the night of the blizzard. In the morning, after shoveling, we decided to make a big pile of snow and jump off the porch into it,” Gardner said. He also told that after maybe 30 minutes, they had the brilliant idea of bringing the basketball hoop over the pile. It took a long time. Someone then had the idea to take a video of them attempting to make a cool dunk video.  But this video was a lot of work. Math teacher Kathleen Flax, mother of one of the boys in the video said,“They didn’t just film the one and a half minutes shown in the video. They were outside for hours.”

It took just one day until the video they posted on Youtube became so famous that ESPN asked to publish it . Gardner said, “Within days we were on USA Today, ESPN’s website, Yahoo Sports, Huffington Post, Fox Sports and many more.” A lot of attention for such a short video.

Nobody planned to make it famous; it was just a funny idea, but a lot of people thought it was really funny.


Till Hambörger, Staff Writer

Junior Till Hambörger is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

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