Art Department Releases Website

The Arts Department has recently released a new website highlighting much of the work done by many art students in multiple courses including Art, Drawing and Ceramics.

Featured on the new arts department website’s front page is a section about the art department in general and what the department means to the students. Quotes like “Art challenges you to think differently” and “Art helped me open up and become who I am today” are just a few of the opinions of the students who take the various art courses. Along with those quotes are multiple galleries of the projects art students do for every course in the department. In these galleries, pictures include the pen and ink compositions of Art 1, the self portraits of Drawing 1, and the coil pots of Ceramics 1, along with other projects from Painting Studio and Advanced Studio. There are also pages completely dedicated to what art students do after high school, news in the art community, and announcements about multiple contests that any student can join.

The new website for the Ledyard High School Arts Department has opened up new ways for other students to get involved in the many arts program and also so see the work of their peers. If you want to check out the website yourself, go to


Ben Odom, Staff Writer

Sophomore Ben Odom is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He plays percussion in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Orchestra.

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