Leaks on the Deflate Gate

Even weeks after the Super Bowl, and even further from the AFC Championship, the notorious “deflate gate” still finds its way into today’s news. The most recent take on the scandal is that the Colts actually knew about the deflated balls before the game even happened. The team had warned the NFL, who didn’t bring up the accusation until halftime.

No matter how recent the latest excuse for the “deflate gate” is, Patriots fans remain dedicated to their team. “I’m a Patriots fan so I think everything went right,” senior Fardi Racine said.

Other fans believe that even if the balls were slightly deflated, the outcome of the game would be the same. “I think that even if the Patriots had deflated the balls, the Colts still had a chance to win,” senior Paul Bossardet said.

According to others, scandals such as these aren’t so uncommon; they’re just not talked about. Usually the game with the scandal simply isn’t as important as the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl, or the teams are not as significant as the Patriots who have won the Super Bowl multiple times. “The Patriots are always framed because they’re always good,” junior Jeff O’Hanlon said.

Despite all the news that has leaked, fans of the Patriots or the Colts can expect to hear more news on the “deflate gate” in the future.


Sarah Schilke, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Senior Sarah Schilke is Arts & Entertainment Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is the Girl’s Cross Country captain and participates in Youth Alive Bible Club.

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