Ledyard High’s Teachers to Watch




Mrs. Flax: Math Teacher

What is your favorite holiday?

“My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas!”

Why did you decide to play in the Wizard’s game?

“I’ve always enjoyed going to LHS events to see the students involved in athletics and music. I thought it might be fun (and funny!) to have students see their teacher involved in something outside of the classroom, too.”


Mrs. Fagan: Principal, yearbook adviser

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“I eat six raw eggs, crank out 200 push-ups, and then visualize myself dunking.”

Who do you think is the most valuable player on the team?

“Clearly Mrs. Patterson, our Superintendent, because at 5’1” with two bad knees, she’s a force to be reckoned with.”


Mr. Doyle: Director of School Counseling and Guidance


How do you think your experience with basketball with benefit you in the big game?

“I played basketball for many years and have now coached for 15 years. I think having that experience will help particularly on defense. I know how to play man 2 man defense and a zone. I feel I could assist a less experienced teammate.”

Why did you decide to play in the game?

“For 3 reasons; I love basketball, I think it will be a fun event for players and spectators, and it is for a great cause.”


Mr. Galante: Social Studies Teacher

What is your favorite flavor of Gatorade?

“I drink water.”

What is your favorite sport?



Mr. Bilheimer: Assistant Athletic Director, Head Wrestling Coach


What is your favorite sport?

“My favorite sport to participate in is wrestling. My favorite sports to watch are football, basketball and Olympic curling.”

How did it feel to be recruited for the game?

“It felt good to be recruited for the game. Some people think I still have it. I’ll have trouble contributing to the offense, but I feel that I can help out a lot on defense. With my wrestling background, I’ll probably foul out in about 3 minutes.”


Mr. Turner: Assistant Principal

What is your favorite sport?



Mr. Vincent: P.E teacher, Varsity Girls’ basketball coach, JV baseball coach

What is your biggest accomplishment as a coach?

“My biggest accomplishment was in 1982, taking the baseball team to the Class L State championship game, which was four years after I took over and we went 0- 16 in ECC that year, 1988.”

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