Swim Team Updates

The swim team grabs their kick boards to kick off the new season in their new pool. The team now has a pool to call their absolute own. Under the financial circumstances the team faced this year, it was decided that the Mashantucket Community Center pool would be a less expensive, better fit; however, the new pool has its pros and cons.

The swim team’s new manager, sophomore Alice Antcliff, had a lot of input: “I can agree it doesn’t cost as much as the old pool, which is fantastic,” Antciff said, “But I personally don’t think it’s fit for a swim meet.” Around the pool deck, there is not much room for spectators. There is one set of bleachers and many chairs, but nowhere to put them.

“That’s one thing that is kind of odd about this pool,” swim coach, Alan Opsahl said. “We lose one side of the pool.” At the Mashantucket Tribal Nation Pool, one half of the pool is not there. Half of the pool is actual pool deck, and the other side is just rock formations and a water slide.

“For Saturday practices at the pool, playing on the slide or with the basketball hoops after we’re done is an essential thing,” coach Cara Bowles said. “But when it comes down to home meets, it’s not very professional.” What the pool does have to offer is a basketball hoop, a water slide, a cliff jumping spot, a grotto, and a hot tub. These amenities, however, are all considered rather unprofessional by the scholastic swim world. Still, the team remains positive.

“It’s a sense of pride, though. We now have a pool we are able to call our home pool,” Opsahl said. “And that, in general, is a really great feeling overall.”


Madi Curcuro, Opinion Editor

Senior Madi Curcuro is Opinion Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the swim team.

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