A Night to Remember

After months of hard work and late nights at the school for rehearsal, members of Ledyard Drama performed the classic French tale, “Les Miserables.”  Truly, they did an absolutely amazing job. From the chorus to the main cast, those who participated captured the hearts of everyone in the crowd. This musical made its debut on Thursday, March 19 and the auditorium was packed to the brim with eager watchers. People laughed, people cried, and most of all, people fought the urge to sing along with those on stage.

Chills spread down the spines of those in the audience, listening to the inspiring and beautiful music being performed for them. The scene for “One Day More” was the most powerful song, including nearly everyone involved in the play, telling the story of revolution and freedom. Not only was this a crowd favorite, but “Master of the House” also shined through as one of the show’s biggest hits. Laughter echoed through the room whenever the actors showed up on stage, and they balanced out the overall depressing theme by bringing light-hearted fun.

Not only did they sing their hearts out, but the cast also showed their utmost strength and determination as they pulled off a double header on Saturday, after the Friday show was cancelled due to snow. If anyone thought Thursday’s performance was exhausting, Saturday served to be a death sentence. However, despite the idea in people’s heads of “Oh, they’re going to be too tired to do well,” this cast proved to be extraordinary, not to mention the crew, for helping and working just as hard. Even though the audience could not see the crew, they appreciated everything that they have done for the sake of this show. A big round of applause goes to Drama director Russell Hammond and all of those involved for performing such a masterpiece for the town to see; it was truly an experience.


Megan McKern, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan McKern is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She participates in GSA, fencing, and the indoor soccer team.

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